Congratulations on baby Elon turning another year older!

CA: 0x056973Fdd6F0FC3B39BeafbF50398b1E5b8Fd62a

"Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests,

Welcome to the spectacular celebration of Baby Elon Musk's birthday! Today marks another milestone in the extraordinary journey of our little visionary. As we gather here, let us reflect on the boundless curiosity, creativity, and joy that Baby Elon brings into our lives. Together, let's embark on an unforgettable journey of laughter, love, and cherished memories. Here's to a future as bright and promising as the star we celebrate tonight. Cheers to Baby Elon Musk!"



"We have an online community on social media platform X, Telegram, and more importantly, backers like SpaceX."


"This is one of the key factors ensuring that the party doesn't end in any mishaps. So, relax and enjoy Baby Elon's birthday celebration today."


"The liquidity pool has been locked for a year to ensure liquidity health for the party and ensure it runs smoothly."


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